Reinventing the task management.

Whubi is a productivity tool powered by psychology, technology and design.
Currently in Closed Beta



Go beyond existing methodologies, modify them, create your own. Don't try to fit yourself in what doesn't work. Whubi tasks workflow editor will make your tasks management easier.



Whubi is very keyboard friendly. Create, complete, navigate around, group, move, search with just a few key presses. You can manage your tasks with no mouse at all!



Stay in context of what is important for you right now. With Whubi you'll be able to setup specific reports and notifications depending on where you are and what is important for you at this time.



Powerful features wrapped in a minimal design. We carefully tailor our UI to let you focus on your tasks. Does anything distract you? You can disable it anytime!

Set dates naturally

Set dates naturally and quickly. Whubi gets some commonly used dates, such as "today", "tomorrow", "next mon", or "may 1st"

Or use quick actions

If you need to check the calendar or you don't want to type a lot, you can use our calendar to quickly set all the needed dates

Update multiple items

Don't waste your time on updating each task individually. Do multiple updates. It's very fast and easy

Congratulate yourself

Everytime when you complete a task, you must feel that you've done something amazing. You've completed something after all! Whubi will try to keep a smile on your face after completing a task